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The artist

J.P. Roberts has been designing and creating sculpture, art furniture, sculptural lighting and accessories since 1994. His works can be found throughout the world in a broad range of environments that vary from residence to corporate office to nightclub to symphony hall. J.P.'s distinctive style is often characterized by the use of mixed metal types coupled with finishes that enhance the unique characteristics of these materials.

His mother was an artist for Hallmark Cards and his father a steel executive whose humble beginnings were that of a Western Kansas blacksmith's son (J.P.'s fate was pretty much sealed at birth). He was encouraged to draw and paint at an early age by his mother and with her instruction on technique and perspective he became a prolific drawer. As a young adult J.P. taught himself to weld and began assembling crude sculptures from salvaged scrap metal parts. This change in medium was a turning point for J.P. What had once been contained on paper and canvas now came forth in three dimensions. For J.P., this work had mass, took up space and came to life.

At first glance J.P.'s functional works are often seen as highly stylized pieces of utilitarian art. On the second look these pieces begin to tell their story and share a message with the viewer. His compositions are often commentaries on the tasks these objects were originally created to perform. . . a clock that examines the concept of time or a mirror to scrutinize one's inner self.

Today J.P. maintains a studio in Marietta, GA and has just launched his current line of sculpture, seating, lighting and accessories. These pieces share the industrial qualities of his earlier work but now reflect a maturity in composition and execution that only time and experience can instill. He has worked with designers and architects on a variety of endeavors and is happy to collaborate on projects. His goal is to continually experiment, learn and evolve.

Artist Statement

I am an artist often drawn to functional works. I believe art can be incorporated into many aspects of our surroundings without diminishing the art's power to move us. Utilitarian objects not only can be adorned or shaped to please the eye but can actually become art with a message. Items we use everyday serve a purpose, but sometimes there is an underlying theme. This is what I try and bring to light.

Art is a bridge between one’s mind and the outside world; an abstraction of what one sees within. Thank you for visiting my website and taking a look inside my head.

JP Roberts